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Your Downriver Criminal Lawyer

Have you been charged with a CRIME?
How do you feel?
Are you Confused? Overwhelmed?

Being charged with a CRIME evokes many emotions. It's very traumatic. Any crime may dramatically alter your life. It will alter your family's life as well! It will affect every area of your life.

 A FELONY is the most serious type of CRIME. A FELONY is a CRIME that may result in a JAIL SENTENCE of one year or more.

A MISDEMEANOR is a CRIME that may result in a JAIL SENTENCE of one year or less. CRIMES also carry many other potential penalties. These penalties include FINES, COSTS, REHABILITATION PROGRAMS, or PROBATION.

In deed, being charged with a CRIME is a very serious and troubling experience. GENE FERGUSON has defended Downriver since 1986. He's devoted his life to defending people just like you. GENE has the wisdom and experience to defend you as well!!! First GENE will learn from you all the facts of your case . He'll legally evaluate and analyze your case. Lastly, a detailed plan will be designed. This plan will consider the strengths and weaknesses of YOUR CASE. THIS PLAN will be developed with you and for you. THIS PLAN will result in the best possible legal result for you.

Gene will defend you for all felonies and misdemeaners including Drunk Driving or DUI, Operating While Visually Impaired, DWLS, Driving While License Suspended, Domestic Violence, PPO, Assault, Battery, Insurance Fraud, Sex Crimes, CSC, Drug Crimes, Receiving and Concealing, Murder, and Manslaughter, Drug Crimes, Possesion of Marijuana, MIP, Minor In Possesion, Malicious Destruction Of Property,

Your Downriver Business Lawyer

Do you have a BUSINESS? 

Do you want to start a BUSINESS?
Do you have a

You need a BUSINESS LAWYER who understands your business.  A BUSINESS LAWYER who understands how important your business is to you.Who understands how difficult it is to run a BUSINESS in today's environment. 

  GENE FERGUSON grew up in a family that owned many Downriver Restaurants.  He has a BUSINESS DEGREE. Gene understands your business 

GENE has represented DOWNRIVER BUSINESSES just like yours since 1986!  He can help you as well!

Your business is very important to you . GENE understands. He understands how to defend and develop your business.  He understands how to promote your business.  He has the wisdom and experience to defend your business.

YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS GENE!!! Let Gene help your business with Corporations, LLC, Partnership, Assumed Names, Articles of Interpretion,